Family and Fun in the Sun

My younger sister had never before flown in an airplane, and the last time my mom flew was when I was a few weeks old, neither had ever been to Arizona, so having them come visit us during my spring break was a big deal!

Originally I had wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but after a brutal last few weeks of classes, I scratched that in favor of relaxing days where we could work together on the projects I've been wanting to do. On my list: working on my three partial scrapbooks, learning to use my sewing machine, and making over that navy blue project dress. Last minute, I remembered that my sister had wanted to help me decorate my apartment, so even though I thought I had it pretty well decorated now, I figured we could re-arrange a few pictures. We could go shopping, and if it was warm enough, work on our tans.

Nothing ever goes like I plan! We ended up shopping a lot more than I though we would, and once mom and my sister started re-decorating, they couldn't stop! My scanner wouldn't work, and I needed to scan my pictures before scrapping them. I discovered the sewing machine was missing the thread spool, and then the bobbin got stuck in the machine. That was that. I did get some good vitamin D by the pool side, I finished a book, and mom and Evi helped me plant some herbs and vegetables!

It was fun to see Arizona as if for the first time again. Mom and Evi excitedly pointed out the cacti and palm trees while we were driving out of the airport. I assured them that we'd see many more!
Tuesday night after we picked them up, we took them to California Pizza Kitchen, drove around downtown a little, and got them settled in back at the apartment.

Wednesday morning, they started moving things around in the living room, and we took a break to swim and lay out by the pool for about an hour. Our pool had been under maintenance for weeks, but it was fixed Tuesday morning. Perfect timing, and one of God's gifts!

After lunch we went shopping. Mom and Evi wanted to stop and take pictures in the parking lot with the palm trees.

We went to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, and we visited several stores I'd never been to before.
Z Gallerie
That evening, we went to Walmart and got some potting soil, cilantro, tomato, lavender, chives, basil and a watering can. We shopped at another of my favorite stores: Pier 1 Imports.
Brian and I thought this gigantic fork was hilarious
We bought a few things there...
Thursday morning we planted the herbs and tomato in the pots that Brian got for free from work several months ago.
I can't wait to use my own fresh basil!

After we found out the issues with the scanner and sewing machine, and we decided to go to Goodwill. All the purple tags were $1! Later, when I show you the outfits I got last week and the before and after decorating pictures, I'll show you some things we got there.

That evening, we drove up to Canyon Lake and had a picnic by the water.

It was almost as good as going to the Grand Canyon. 

Brian was making that face on purpose :)
On Friday, we spent some more time by the pool, and did some more shopping. A lot more shopping. My feet were killing me by the end of the week! We made it to all the stores in our nearby shopping center. I found a few that I'll definitely visit again soon.

We had dinner with our friends and had a tour of their ranch. Their kids LOVED Evi! One of them remarked "You sound just like Mrs. C when you talk!" Which is true, our voices and our laughs do sound very similar!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to take them to the airport.
We were up with the birds
They made it home to Iowa safe and sound, and a good time was had by all!

I'm not mentally prepared to start school again today. Break was way too short! Sigh. So to prolong the memories, I'll be sharing some of the outfits I bought and the before and after decorating pictures later. Stay tuned! Happy Monday!

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