Today I'm grateful for failure

Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections, and failed in two businesses. He suffered numerous heartbreaks, and through it all, became of America's greatest presidents. 

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Failure is hard to be thankful for. But failure teaches us things about ourselves we wouldn't otherwise know, revealing our weaknesses and our hidden strengths.

I love the quote on the back of the Isaac Newton post card. So many times I let the fear of making a mistake holds me back from doing anything at all.

A long time ago, I heard the quote: "You must do the thing you think you cannot do," said by Eleanor Roosevelt. It's always stuck with me, and pops into my head right when I start thinking "I can't." Then I'm faced with the choice to give in to my fear, or take a risk.

Times that I have chosen to take the risk have always proved to be rewarding, no matter how "successful" the outcome. Going to North Myrtle Beach on Summer Project with Campus Crusade was huge for me: I had to raise support, be away from Brian, and live with complete strangers all summer. It changed me forever. Last school year, I organized a fundraiser after the Haiti earthquake. It was a lot of work, and very challenging at times, but if I'm remembering correctly we raised $580.

Has fear of failure been holding you back from stepping out in faith?