Office Renovation Update Part 2

Let's take a little trip down memory lane before we get to the photos of how it looks today. 

Here's our office renovation part 1. We've come a long way! We tore out the carpet, painted the walls light blue, installed "custom built-ins" (aka, Billy bookcases from Ikea) desks, curtains, and finally, a rug.

In October 2015, I created two different office inspiration looks; one was navy and yellow, and one was navy and pink. As we've remodeled over the last three years, the style and colors have evolved, although when I asked you guys about what rug to get, I almost did get the pink one. In the end, I got the only one no one voted for ... because I just decided it was the one. I'm thinking the pink one might work in our guest room, because I do love it! 

Of course, this room still isn't "finished." We still would like to add a Murphy bed on the wall with the big gap between the bookcases, where the butterfly and bird posters hang. And we really need some office chairs - the blue bistro chairs from Amazon are adorable and uncomfortable, and the big brown chair was a freebie from a coworker years ago and just needs to be replaced. 

Of course, I wouldn't MIND if Brian's bike and exercise equipment could go somewhere else ... but so far, short of building an air-conditioned shed in the backyard, we haven't figured out an alternative.

So this is what it looks like, in real life.

Here's where the Murphy bed will someday go.

My craft corner is improving, now that I have an Ikea Malm dresser for storage instead of a stack of totes.

Brian's bike shoes and exercise equipment has a spot on the shelf too.

I made the painting on the left, the one on the right I bought. 

Here's a close up of the rug I bought from Target, on the right. The main reason I decided on this one at last was because the colors and pattern go so well with the rug in the entry way and living room.

So that's it! 

In case you're looking for something similar, here's a few links to a few of the items: 
Maybe, once we get new office chairs and the Murphy bed built, I'll post one final update - minus the bike. 

Did you like this remodel? Let me know in the comments below.

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