DIY: Mini Living Room Gallery Wall

There are times, as all avid thrift shoppers know, when you may find something very interesting, and yet you know, deep down, you have no use for it. Things like, revolutionary embroidery.

Or cat portraits ... disturbing on so many levels. 

But one thing I've found that you can always count on thrift store shopping for, is an abundance of unique frames. Sometimes, they just need a little paint or polish, and an inexpensive gallery wall is within reach.

Also, all things copper, dishes, and random objects - I can't always resist their siren call.

Step 1: clean off the goo from the price tag.
Step 2: apply painters tape on the glass for easy clean up.
Step 3: paint the frame, and allow to dry. Those little cans of sample paint you can get at Home Depot or Lowes are perfect for projects like this, and they only cost a couple dollars.
Step 4: sand the edges for a distressed finish, if you're into that.

I choose frames with a metallic finish, so after sanding them, the gold or copper shone through. 

That was the easy part. Next is hanging them on the wall. 

For all of my galleries, I trace each frame onto paper and tape them to the wall to determine the layout. 

PS: the print that says "The days are long, but the years are short" is from Hand Lettered Design.

Remember that your frames don't all have to include photos or art - you can frame unique, artful objects too. And you don't always need a frame - decorative washi tape is a great way to display artwork you might like to switch out regularly. 

PS: the watercolor is from Hello Lovely People.


There are billions of beautiful art prints you can download and print for free online. Here's a few of my favorite sources: 

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