DIY: How to Make This Easy Copper Heart Art from Contact Paper

You may be noticing a trend. I've been a big fan of rose gold/copper for a long time, and it's finally starting to show up all over my house, starting with my kitchen shelves. 

I've also found ways to incorporate it into the rest of the house, thanks to great finds from Anthropologie and Target.

I made a mini version of this artwork first, for Brian's Valentine's Day gift. 

I liked how it turned out so much, that I made the bigger version.

You'll Need: 


1. Cut the contact paper into strips. Mine are about two inches wide. 

2. Cut the strips into squares. Cut the squares into triangles. 

3. Layout your heart, marking rows lightly on your canvas with a pencil. 

4. Peel and stick the triangles to the canvas. 

Simple, elegant, and easy -  just the way I like my DIY. 
If my copper obsession continues at this rate, I may need an intervention. 
You could of course create something like this with gold contact paper, marble contact paper, or wrapping paper, wall paper, or scrapbooking paper and glue. The possibilities are endless!

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