Friday Finds: Treasured Vintage Bazaar

For several years after moving to Arizona, I thought only one decor style existed: Southwestern. The only acceptable color scheme was brown, beige, gold, terra cotta, orange, and maybe olive green if you're really adventurous. Basically, most homes and places of business were brown, light brown, yellow-shiny brown, red brown, bright red brown, and green-brown. You did have the choice between going more South of the Border Southwestern, Native American Southwestern, Elegant Spanish Southwestern, or Full-on-Cowboy Mode Southwestern, but there your options ended.

Then, thanks to Instagram, I discovered an entire community of vintage lovers in the valley. They made and sold everything from art to jewelry to home decor in styles like Shabby Chic, Victorian, French Country, Retro Modern, Mid-century Modern, and Full-on-Hipster-From-Portland.

So it was with much anticipation that Edison and I went to check out the Treasured Vintage Baazar hosted by Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market and Scottsdale Bible Church

Unfortunately, soon after arriving, we encountered a problem. There was no possible way I could fit the stroller into the booths. I could only peruse the very edges of the displays, and even then, there were so many people, I felt like I was blocking traffic. After a few laps around the building, looking longingly at all the cool things I couldn't reach, Edison got cranky. As the crowds grew, so did his displeasure. Outside, he was fine, but as soon as we went indoors, he started crying. So, Brian ended up coming and rescuing him. Of course, he fell asleep just before Brian arrived.

Amazing "junk" from Junk in the Trunk.

Globes, dream catchers, and other awesomeness from Savannah Ashley Art.

I really, really want one of these log coffee tables. And the orb light fixtures.

In addition to shops, they also had fresh flowers from The Florette, a farmer's market, and food trucks. Plus, the proceeds from the ticket cost went to the school in Tanzania that Scottsdale Bible founded and supports. 

Here's what I did buy: 

I've found a home for everything - the frame and key are part of the new gallery wall soon to be revealed, the vintage books are on display, the plant stand is in place by the fireplace, the bowl and heart are on the mantle. I've worn my baseball tee maybe a little more than is socially acceptable, and while Edison's might be a little big on him still, I'm very excited for us to be sort of matching. 

I discovered so many great vendors that I'm looking forward to visiting again! The future over here is definitely not looking brown - more like white, mint, and chipped, and maybe a little rusty.

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