White to Bright: Office Makeover Inspiration

White is so hot right now. 

Sleek, modern, pure, and accented with gold and soft pastels. As much as I admire the Scandinavian look (and Bonnie's office above is LOVELY) that workspace just doesn't work for me. I'd feel like I'd always need my nails done, fresh peonies, and a latte in order to work. It's just not sustainable.

Creativity is messy! However, there's a big difference between a messy creative process and a messy, chaotic office. Outer calm creates inner calm. You want to be more productive? Clean off your desk. And your husband's desk? Well, turn your chair so you can't see it. 

Here's what our office started with: a recipe for mediocrity. Beige walls - check. Bland shaggy carpet - check. Carpet infested with cat fur - also check. Dog won't stop peeing on said carpet because of said cat fur - check. Tearing out the carpet first thing - CHECK.

Where to even begin? 

The balance of serenity and warmth is why I tore this photo out of Better Homes and Gardens years ago. I like the productivity boosting color scheme of blues and grays with natural textures - modern, but with warmth.

I'm inspired by this living room styled by Emily Henderson. The patterned chair, gold and brass accents, contrasting colors - it's exciting, but not overwhelming. 

Apparently, I really like patterned chairs. For my office inspiration boards, I'm going to start there, with a vintage accent chair find from Chairish

I had a hard time choosing just one vintage chair to be the focal point - this one was a close second. With the centerpiece chosen, we can build outward and make it our own. I took my inspiration in two different ways - classic and wildcard.

Style #1: Classic

Billy Bookcases - Ikea / Light Blue Magazine Files - Ikea / Seagrass Basket - Ikea / Yellow Stockholm Rug - Ikea / "La Vie Est Belle" Print - Girl Friday Papers / Alex Desk in gray - Ikea / Brass Wall Sconce - Target / Lee Industries Leather Winged Chair - Chairish

For this style board, I started with the BHG photo and added the navy gallery wall from HomeDit, but I also made it more bright and colorful with light blue and yellow. 

I like the contrast of the ornate gold frames on the navy background, and the sunny Stockholm rug from Ikea repeats the shape of the mirrors and adds warmth to the floor that's missing in the inspiration photo. While the desk doesn't have the weathered look of the metal one, you could always rough it up with sandpaper, if you really wanted. 

The magazine files, storage baskets, and light fixture add color, texture, and well, light, to illuminate your excellent organization. As for the print, my decor philosophy is to always add a little something French. You really can't go wrong. 

Style #2: Wildcard

Brass Wall Sconce - Target / Lee Industries Leather Winged Chair - Chairish / Curtains - Ikea / White desk - Ikea / Pink Magazine Files - Ikea / Gold Throw Pillow - Target / Gold side table (actually a garden stool) - Target / Swivel Chair - Ikea / "I Think You're Sharp" Pencils from Papersource (discontinued, here's similar

Party time! These colors feel so happy. Hot pink accents punch up the energy while the pool blue of the desk chair and curtains and white desk keep things simple. The light, pillow, and table add sparkle, but the patterned chair remains the focal point. In this room, I'd use the chair and side table to make a little reading nook.

I showed both style boards to Brian, and guess which one he liked best? He said the second one doesn't feel like an office. But maybe that's the point - if it feels cozy and fun, we'll want to spend more time there. 

Although I can see the hot pink being a deterrent for one of us. 

I'll try to post update on what we've done since ripping out the carpet soon. 

So, what do you think? Would you pick the classic navy, blue and yellow, or go for the wildcard hot pink? 

Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below, on Instagram, or Facebook. 

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