Letter to Edison

I wrote this letter to Edison about ten days before he was born. It's hard to believe he's eleven weeks old already! Our newborn photos were taken by Sophia Brown Photography.

Today I tried to imagine how you might look - I pictured you running through a forest with sandy blonde hair and freckles. Maybe your hair has a little curl to it. If it's red and curly like your Aunt Evi's, I'll thank the Lord every day. 

Maybe your hair is stick straight and brown, and your eyes are just like your daddy's - blue and green, ever changing color. It was those eyes that made me fall in love with your daddy, you know. It was love at first sight; the first time I looked into those blue-green eyes. They stole my heart. 

You'll have a good sense of humor, probably a little on the cheesy side, like your dad. Maybe you'll be introverted, like me, and love writing and reading. Or you'll inherit your dad's ability to make friends everywhere you go. 

Maybe you'll be the life of the party on your baseball team. Or basketball, since we already know you'll be tall. But you know your dad has his heart set on teaching you everything he knows about baseball. You'll also have to be a Yankees fan. We all do. 

You'll probably be prone to moods, like your parents, and have a sensitive heart. There's no shame in crying during movies, or at the end of a good book. Trust us.

Maybe you'll have a bit of mommy's temper. Or, maybe you'll take after your dad, and take everything in stride, long-suffering and patient. Except when driving. Oh, you'll be driving before we know it! And then we'll really know whose child you are.

I wonder if you'll like math, or prefer art. Maybe you'll be a scholar, or a philosopher, or an artist. Maybe you'll be loud and athletic and vivacious. Maybe you'll be some combination.

You'll be like us, and yet in your own way. 

We'll see ourselves in you, and yet you'll be all you, Edison.

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