Living Room Inspiration: In the Navy

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Beach houses have such a clean, fresh, and relaxed vibe. And if there's three things I'd like to feel this summer, it's clean, fresh and relaxed. And since I've always been obsessed with the beach, a paired down, Southern-California-esque refresh is in order for summer, without going overboard on nautical accessories.

Especially since here in Arizona, we've got plenty of sand ... just no ocean. 

In general, I started feeling like the living room was going in too many directions. Simplifying to focus on navy and white will coordinate with the blues and grays in the rest of the house, and add some elegance to the living room. 

The photo above is my ultimate inspiration  - white fireplace, gray couch, white ceiling, natural wood textures and fluffy rug, and that ottoman! I dream of putting my bare feet on that vetlottoman. 

This one looks comfy too, if you moved the tray with candles. That's what coffee tables are for.

Oh look, this one even has inspiration as far as what pet accessorizes this couch well! I think Sirius will suffice as a cheaper and more stylish version.

Check out that room's entire transformation on Emily Henderson's blog.

I'm toying with the idea of a navy gallery wall. It's dark, but we do have quite a bit of natural light in our living room/entry way. The gold frames look so classy against the navy. 

Top: Homedit, Middle: Stephanie Kraus Designs, Bottom: Driven By Decor

Speaking of gold - I love gold accents, but I'm also loving copper. Can you mix both? Seems like it's worth a try. 

And some fun pillows - you know how I love pillows

Top: Red Envelope, Bottom: Emily Henderson

And this, this is the quintessential Southern California home, the epitome of stylish and cool: 

More photos of this room's transformation.

It has plants! And light! And cool pillows and blankets! And retro furniture - and a swing! 

Maybe I'm getting a little carried away. I'm not sure where I'd fit a swing in our living room, but I can try, right? 

I'll pop back in before too long with the finished results of my living room. Here's the Pinterest board where I've been collecting ideas. What themes do you see in the photos above? How do you like your living spaces for summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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