Before and After: Master Bedroom Makeover

My brain hurts. Pregnancy brain is a real thing. Stringing words into sentences is a chore. Thankfully, these photos speak for themselves.


So, the view before. I took this photo right before we started painting. As you can see from the rest of the pictures, the entire master bedroom was painted dark brown. We painted it light gray - major improvement!


Greatly improved, but more than a little bare. Also, we bought a new bed when we moved, and it's much higher than our old one. That created a problem: our nightstands were a foot lower than the bed. Plus, you can see the not-so-sightly box springs.


So much better! New nightstands - dressers from Ikea. They're the perfect height, and have tons of storage. And, I found that headboardrug, and bed skirt that really needs more ironing, on Amazon. 

Because we got the little dressers for nightstands, we didn't need the big one. So we swapped it for a bookshelf, and moved it to the guest room.

I painted this one wall behind the sink aqua, and then the actual bathroom the same color. 

Yeah, still a work in progress. 

This is the shower. You actually have to step down about a foot to get into it. 

And so this ends on kind of a downer. Literally. But progress has been made!

So, what do you think?

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