The Christmas Crafts I Did Make

As I started taking down my Christmas decorations yesterday, I realized that I never posted which of the Christmas crafts on my list I accomplished. So yes, we're halfway through January, but we're supposed to honor the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year, right?

1. Something involving a deer and gold glitter. 

Fail. I was intimidated by the deer, and couldn't make up my mind what to do with it. 

2. Something involving book pages and pinwheels. 

Success! I made a book page Christmas tree. Here's how: 
  1. Fold your book pages like an accordion. Then, shape them like a fan, and attach them to each other to form a full circle. As you make more circles, trim the edges to create smaller and smaller layers. Eventually, bend the accordion in half, and then create your full circle. Fold and trim until you have enough layers to form a tree-like shape.
  2. Pour some glue on a paper plate, and pour some white chunky glitter on another. Dip the edges of each layer in glue and glitter, and allow them to fully dry.
  3. Then you'll need to attach the layers together. I used a small scrap of paper between each layer for more surface area. 
  4. Let it dry, and you're done!

3. Something involving cones and fancy paper. 

Success! I wrapped styrofoam cones in gold glitter paper (which also made elegant wrapping paper).

4. Something involving a big chalkboard. 

Fail. I'm still looking for a big chalkboard on Craig's List, but I'm also trying to talk Brian into making me one. 

5. Something involving bottle brush trees, and more glitter. 

Well, I didn't end up bleaching or dying any bottle brush trees, but I did find some sparkly ones at Target that light up. So, close enough.

I also made those white Christmas trees with cones and not-fancy paper - coffee filters, actually. 
Here's how: 
  1. Fold each coffee filter in half, and starting at the bottom, glue each filter to the cone, layering and overlapping them. I used Elmers glue, but a hot glue gun would probably be faster.
  2. Pinch the top filter to form a nice tree point. That's it!

And here's the final Christmas mantle: 

Wait, four stockings? 

Yep, I'm so creative, I made a person. Merry Christmas!

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