5 Christmas Crafts On My List

So, you know that moment when you're in Joann's looking for Christmas craft supplies, and without warning your phone dies - the phone which contained the note with your shopping list. You can't remember what was on your list, and you'd check your pinterest boards but oh right, your phone is dead. And you're in Joann's alone, with no accountability. And all the Christmas stuff is ON SALE. 

No? Never been there? 

I pity you, my friends. 

A sampling of some of the things you might bring home
You end up with some great stuff. Random, but great. With that said, here's some of the craft's I'm working on for this season:

1. Something involving a deer and gold glitter.

Stripes, gold glitter, deer - I love Lauren's, but since my deer head is three dimensional, I need to come up with a new twist that I can hang over the fireplace.

2. Something involving book pages and pinwheels. 

I love book crafts, and BHG has some great ideas, but this year I've got an idea I'm anxious to try that will take book page pinwheels to a new dimension. 

3. Something involving cones and fancy paper. 

Aka, something exactly like the photo above. Here's more ideas from the Budget Decorator.

4. Something involving a big chalkboard. 

I have the perfect spot for a big chalkboard, and I've been scouring Craigs List every day. If I can't buy it, I might resort to building it.

The chalkboard above is from the Christmas home tour at the Lily Pad Cottage. You seriously have to go look - the entire house is a white Christmas dream.

5. Something involving bottle brush trees, and probably more glitter.

From Tumblr
A mini winter wonderland! I've read that it's easy to bleach and glitterize regular bottle brush trees to make your own white Christmas, and I can't wait to try it. Here's the tutorial from I plan to use, from Going Home to Roost.

What's on your Christmas crafting list? Tell me what you're most excited to make in the comments below. 

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