My Fall Bucket List

I discovered with my summer bucket list, I initially set the bar too low. Since I crossed most of my list off in the first couple weeks, I added a couple things: 
I did accomplish the first - as intimidating as it was, I joined the Master Swim Class at my gym that Brian has been attending to prepare for his triathlon. I really couldn't swim when I started - in all the years of swim classes at the YMCA as a kid, I never figured out proper breathing. Despite the embarrassment of near-drowning the first lesson, I'm really glad I took this class. I'm swimming better now than I ever have before,  and it's actually kind of fun! 

As for the second goal - I failed. Which is really too bad. I need the reminder to look for something positive every day. So, I'm putting this one on my fall list. 

1. Post a happy photo on Instagram every day.

2. Go to a bonfire. I put this on my summer list originally, which was a terrible idea. I think it will be much more pleasant in the fall.

3. Have people over. Maybe a little party of some sort, if I'm being really adventurous. 

4. Learn to country dance. One of my friends just learned recently, and she's inspired me to try. 

5. Learn to play a complete song on the guitar. 

6. Read a book. 

7. Pack. 

8. Move. 

9. Unpack.

10. Decorate the new house for fall. Yes, you read that right - we are in the process of buying a house! Our first, very-own house!

The current owners have 10 chickens in the backyard. There's also a garden, and a fireplace, and so much more. I'm excited to share it with you soon!

What's on your fall bucket list? Leave a comment below. 

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