DIY Bike Rack

An alternate title for this post: I'm Such a Cool Wife. 

Why? I let my husband put a bike rack in our living room. 

Not only that, but I kind of designed it. 

My husband is becoming a serious cycler, with triathlon visions dancing in his head. Storing his bike, bike shoes, bike helmet, bike cleaning supplies, tire pump, and all the other biking accessories on the patio was out of the question. Instead, their home was on and around a bookshelf in our living room, mingling with the books, spilling onto the floor - where it was always in my way.

In a one bedroom apartment, we didn't have many options.

So I proposed a solution - hang the bike. On the wall. 

We moved the bookshelf from this wall to another corner of the living room, so we had the space free.

Brian had the idea of using closet bar brackets, I had the idea of adding a shelf with baskets to hold all the accessories. 

You'll need: 
It's pretty self-explanatory - measure your bike, and mount the brackets at the right distance and height. Top with the shelf and baskets.

Enjoy your cool wife status. 
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