Create: Fall Feather Garland

My Valentine's Day garland has hung over our living room curtains since February. Every couple months Brian pointed out that it was still there, but since I didn't have a replacement, I let it stay. Saturday, I finally retired the doilies in exchange for a this painted feather garland. It took half an hour to make, tops. 

You will need:

First, paint designs on your feathers with your sharpie paint pens. You could use other paints too, but the sharpie paint pens were super easy to use. I stuck to dots and stripes, but here's some other inspiration:
Anthropologie blog

Once your feathers are painted, cut the narrow ribbon a few inches larger than the length you'd like the finished garland to be. 

Next, tie on your feathers, evenly spacing them. I had more blue feathers than duck feathers, so I used three blue feathers between the duck feathers, with about four inches between each feather.

Hang it up!

I like the bohemian feel of the feather garland, with the extra glam of gold and silver.

I added a few leftover feathers to my fall flower arrangements to tie it all together. 

It feels Thanksgiving-ish to me. What do you think? 

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