Recent Projects: Woodland Nursery Decor Gifts

In addition to the easy cross pillowcase, I've been working on two other projects as baby gifts. Back when I was on that interior designing kick, I volunteered to help my expecting friend decorate her baby nursery. Since she wanted to incorporate green, especially forest green, she liked this collage I put together for a whimsical woodland nursery. 

Round Crib/Curtains/Stool

My favorite elements of this nursery are the animal print alphabet poster and the felt fox pillow (I love that pillow so much that I included it in my 10 Back-to-School Crafts post). Unfortunately for me, I couldn't find the alphabet poster for sale, and I didn't have any felt. 

So, I incorporated the fox using supplies I already had: embroidery floss, fabric, and a small hoop. I downloaded this free fox pattern. Here's the finished result:

Isn't he cute?! I'm thinking about making a second one, after all, Young House Love might be right about the fox becoming the new "it" animal, replacing birds, owls, and giraffes.

The animal poster posed more of a challenge. Since I couldn't buy it, I recreated it.

I used a few different animals than the ones in the other poster. 

Turns out, a Xenops is South American bird. 

Framed and ready to give! 

I always feel nervous when giving things that I've made, especially art, but in this case, my worries were completely unnecessary. My friend, and her kids, loved it. 

What have you been working on lately? I'd love to hear about it!

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