MAKE: No Bake Fresh Peach Pie

When I think life-changing, I think of people, words, books, phone calls, long nights, and now, Fresh Peach Pie.

I experienced this pie for the first time at my church small group potluck. I'm indebted to Star H. for the recipe. It's unclear if there is a written version of this anywhere, or who originally invented this recipe. I like to imagine it's been passed down at church potlucks from one Southern woman to the next for generations.

Once you try it, you'll agree with it's life-changing status. Why? First, this pie is not baked. No heating up the apartment, no running the risk of your hard work resulting in a singed mess. 

Secondly, the steps and ingredients are few and simple, belying the finesse of the finished product's taste. So, you can look like a great baker, even when you're not.

Thirdly, besides the peaches and cream, the main ingredient in this pie is butter. And sugar. But since it uses two fresh peaches, it tastes healthy. Southern magic!

Speaking of magic, I made you a gif of magically appearing ingredients:

You will need: 

Start by melting the butter. Once the butter is completely melted, slowly add powdered sugar until the consistency is similar to chunky frosting.

Spread the butter and sugar mixture around the pie crust and up the sides. If you're using half a stick of butter, yours won't look as thick as it is in the photo, but trust me, it will be plenty. 

Layer on the sliced peaches, filling the pie crust. Add a final layer of whipped cream, and garnish. Star H. topped hers with blueberries, and I used the kiwi I had on hand. 

Refrigerate until you're ready to serve.

So easy, and soooooo delicious.

Now I wonder, what else would taste good with this magic butter + sugar formula? Would it be as good with fresh strawberries? Bananas? Pears? Plums? So much fruit to try!

Just a word of caution - if you attempt to eat two pieces in one sitting, you may get a stomach ache. I may or may not have learned this from observation. 

How are you using your fall produce? Share with us in the comments below!

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