DECOR: My Gallery Wall Progress

I figured out it's not a delayed spring cleaning impulse that's making me all gung-ho on decorating. It's definitely because we signed our apartment lease to renew for another year. Yay for going a year without moving!

Remember my dining room gallery wall? 

That's how it looked last fall. I edited the buffet top to include fewer wedding photos, and I hung the black "LOVE" letters on a different wall. I consolidated the random books scattered around the living room, and added the marble bust. It's hard to see, but instead of the collage frame with our wedding photos, I used my thrift store score typewriter photo holder.

Since this is my craft and art space, I wanted the pictures I chose to reflect that. As my creative space, it's usually somewhat chaotic, so I decided to go for a symmetrical picture arrangement to create some order. 

I kept the French poster, the Eiffel Tower photo, and blue jay painting by Brian's great-grandmother. I added one of my watercolors, and then some kraft paper squares to symbolize where other art would go. 

I was able to fill one of the slots with the egg print, downloaded for free from The Graphics Fairy. I'm thinking about printing off some more, and maybe just hanging those. But for now, I'm going for the eclectic look.

I was about ready to call it good enough for now, when I remembered that I already had a small piece of art that would be just the right size. I painted the hands holding a heart several years ago as a present for Brian after we got engaged.

I think it fits with the other hand-painted art, the peonies and blue jay... at least they all have blue in common.

I also like how the pink in the peonies and the red of the heart tie in with my colorful DIY aztec tablecloth!

I just need one more little piece of art, and this wall will be done! Well, I'm sure this area of the dining room will go through more revisions, but I like how it's coming along. If you're interested in trying a gallery wall, the two how-to posts I linked to in the gallery inspiration post on Friday are super helpful to prevent your walls from looking like swiss cheese from nail holes.

In other home decor news, I bought this from Ikea last week. Happy Birthday to my feet! My bedroom design is coming together. 
I'm not sure what I'll tackle next. What spaces in your home are on your list for some TLC? Let me know in the comments!
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