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Yes, I'm still talking about home decor. I can hardly contain my excitement - we got a rug! Last weekend we went to Ikea again (this is becoming a date night tradition) and I used the last of my birthday money on a living room rug, four pillow inserts, two pillow covers, and a set of six drawer organizers. 

Remember the living room before? Probably not, because I didn't really take pictures of it. This is the best I could find: 

I debated with myself over what rug to choose. Brian loved modern designs in neutral colors, and I wanted something colorful and classic. I've referred to two rooms on my Pinterest inspiration board time and time again:

This apartment was featured in Better Homes and Gardens a few years ago, and I fell in love with the deep blue, rustic textures, and bold prints. Since this apartment has white walls and light colored wood floors, just like our place, it made a great model to base our apartment off of. I made navy and white striped curtains for the living room to imitate the bold navy and white curtains shown above. 

The Nester
This house is also my inspiration. It uses a more neutral color scheme, with touches of cottage and modern style. I love the cow skin rug, but so far, Brian strongly opposes it. He's more concerned about the feel underfoot than the appearance, so he voted for a cream colored rug that looked like a big piece of shag carpet to me. Since I was spending my own birthday money, I got to make the final decision. 

I went with the more colorful inspiration. This rug is slightly larger than 5x7, and cost $69.99. The blue toile pillow covers add a touch of French style, and match my blue and white dishes collection and the blue and white curtains.

I have two more pillow inserts, not in use yet. I plan to sew my own pillow covers for them, and I'm in the process of creating my own designs! 

The rug really pulls together the living room. The light blue in it matches the blue wingback chairs perfectly, the navy matches the curtains, and the red and gold adds warmth. Eventually, I'd like my kitchen to be red, yellow, and French country, so it will all tie in nicely. 

Now that my birthday money is finally all spent, there will probably not be any more trips to Ikea, and this home decor streak will come to an end. Next up, I have several ideas for some great crafts that I can't wait to try, and then share with you. 
How do you decide on a rug for a room? I'd love to hear your tips!
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