INSPIRE: 4 Steps to Refresh Yourself and Your Space

It’s August. It’s hot. You just took a vacation, but now you feel like you need a vacation because of your vacation. School is starting soon, and you miss the smell of just sharpened pencils and blank notebooks, and the clean slate of a new school year. Or maybe you’re about to start another year of college, but your summer internship is leaving you burned out and exhausted. You need a fresh start but don’t have time or money to run away to Fiji. This article is for you!

I guest posted on Sweet and Sage again, sharing four ways to refresh yourself and your space. And boy, was I feeling the need for a refresh last weekend! 

I did take my own advice, and Thursday night at about 8:30 pm, I tackled organizing our hall closet, that had previously been a big crowded mess. Friday I worked at the church and spent time hanging out with friends in the evening, binge watching "Say Yes to the Dress" while our husbands worked on cars, but Saturday I got back to organizing and finished the hall closet. Since I made a lot of room, I moved some things over from the pantry, and then decided to work on that closet too.



Since I had an empty shelf in our bedroom closet, I moved all the bedding in there. That made enough room to move things off the floor and have nice piles of towels and cleaning rags. 

Other side of the closet before:


We used to keep the vacuum in the pantry, so my big goal was to be able to fit it in this closet. Mission accomplished!

I also spent time on Saturday doing something just for fun - watercolor painting. I'm excited to show you my painting, although if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen it.
The only piece of advice from my article that I haven't taken yet is to do something new. I have a few ideas in mind for ways to interpret this, but I will share those with you later, if they come about. 
Now I'd like to hear from you - are you feeling the need for a refresh? How do you refresh yourself when you start feeling stuck and unmotivated? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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