CREATE: 10 Back to School Crafts

Classes resume this week at Arizona State University, and even though I'm graduated and done, I'm feeling very back-to-school sentimental. So, for those of you who are actually going back to school, here's ten great DIYs for decorating your dorm room, organizing your space, and adding some fun to your clothes. For those of us who aren't going back to school, we can vicariously live through you by making these too!

1. Gilded Seashells

Create an elegant display of your summer vacation souvenirs following AttaGirl's tutorial on Seven-thirty-three blog.

2. Whimsical Elbow Patches.

Cutsey-up your back-to-school wardrobe with racoon elbow patches from Imagine Gnats, or keep it simple with these heart elbow patches from A Beautiful Mess.

3. Book Page Headboard

Book page crafts put me in the back-to-school spirit. This would make a great backdrop for a dorm room wall, plus it's a good use of an old textbook. Here's how I made it.

4. Book Clutch

A cheaper alternative to the Kate Spade version, carrying this clutch makes you look studious everywhere you go.

5. Scarf Hanger

Even if you're not dealing with limited dorm room closet space, you can make use of this easy DIY from Pinching Your Pennies to organize your scarf collection.

6. Foxy Throw Pillow

This felt fox pillow from Maureen Cracknell Handmade will brighten any room.

7. Feather Stamped Fabric

Use this technique to embellish pillows, clothes, and anything else you can think of.

8. Floating Bookshelf

These floating bookshelves were made with old bookends! From Upcycle Us.

9. Coffee Tea Lights

Keep yourself up for an all-nighter with these candles. The heat from the tea lights releases the scent of the coffee beans!

10. Hogwarts Sweater

Because you know you want one. Or if you don't, you can make it for me! Here's the tutorial.
If you're looking for more dorm room ideas, check out these decorating and storage ideas, part 1 and part 2. 
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