STYLE: My First Clothing Swap!

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On Friday, I participated in a clothing swap! 

In short - it was awesome! Several people pitched in to help organize, sort, and prepare for the two day affair. My friend hosting the event is super creative, as you can tell from the "Swap 'til You Drop" decor. 

I got to be chief cupcake baker! For three hours before the swap started, I baked and frosted about 125 mini-cupcakes!

I also forgot the last batch in the oven... which we discovered some time later. Woops. The ones that I didn't forget about were both cute and delicious with the little paper shoes on top!

We had purses and bags in the kitchen; shirts of all sleeve lengths as well as some assorted things like decor and craft supplies in the family room; coats, blazers, sweaters, dresses, and skirts in the hallway; jeans, pants, and shoes in the living room. 

And that was only the stuff they decided to put out for the first day. There was lots more for day two!

I donated about 29 items total, including jewelry sets, tops, and bottoms. I didn't want to bring that much home, and because of the way the swap was structured as a free-for-all, I didn't have to. So I brought home seven items, including two composition notebooks I didn't take photos of.

This ring! It fits me perfectly, and I love, love, love the color!

These Old Navy bootcut jeans, like new.

This boxy gray sweatshirt, perfect for a "slouchy Saturday" look, as one of the ladies said.

Even though it's casual, I love that it has sequins on the shoulders!

A pair of White House Black Market pants, and this cream blazer with the tag still on it!

There were many, many things I could have gone either way on, but in the end, I'm happy with the things I decided to bring home. Since clothing swaps are growing in popularity, I'm planning another post with a few of the things I learned that you might find helpful if you decide to go to one, or host one yourself!
Since we all knew each other, there was lots of: "What do you think of this?" "Is this a good color for me?" "You should try this on!" "Put that belt with it." "This didn't fit me, but I think it would be great for you!" And we had a blast!
Have you ever gone to a clothing swap, or would you like to go to one? Share your experience in the comments!
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