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What led me to start my business? What does an average day look like for me? I'm answering those questions, and several more, on Sage Grayson Coaching today! Plus, there's a free printable for you!

Sage is a life coach who motivates women to develop loving, respectful relationships; design a career that ignites your passion; and feel connected to their mind, body, and spirit. As Sage says, "It’s your life…make it sweet!"

How do you help women make their lives sweet? 
I help women make their lives sweet by encouraging them to find the beauty in the everyday. Because I believe that God has a purpose for each of our lives, each day contains His fingerprints—something beautiful. We just have to take the time to look for it. Life isn’t without storms and struggle, but I believe that even in the really hard times, we can find beauty. I’ve written about my struggles with depression, loneliness, and self-confidence issues with the intention of bringing hope and encouragement to others. 

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Speaking of finding the beauty in the everyday...yesterday Brian had all of his wisdom teeth removed. I'm not sure who was more stressed about it, he or me. My stomach felt like one giant knot all day! He came out of the anesthesia very quickly, and hasn't been in much pain. I worried yesterday that he wasn't eating enough, or drinking enough, or taking enough pain meds, but he's totally fine today....just sick of me trying to taking care of him! He doesn't like me to tell him when to take medicine....or when to do anything, for that matter, and he just gets whatever he wants himself instead of letting me do it. I'm trying to anticipate what he needs and beat him to it, but so far, that's not working out well. At least, I'm thankful that he's a low-maintenance patient.

Yesterday, I worked on several projects nearby, trying to tune out the TV with headphones. I really felt like I needed to make progress on my lengthy to-do list for the week. Then I realized that it's not every day Brian has surgery and we get to spend lots of down time together. Honestly, it was difficult for me to just sit with him and just watch movies. I really wanted to multi-task and write blog posts or planning for the trip we're taking in a few weeks with the youth group. I finally made a decision to shut down my computer AND put my phone away, and be in one place at a time. 

After I finish this blog post, I'm planning to do the same today! Have a great weekend, and take time to slow down, relax, and do the most important things, one at a time!
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