INSPIRE: Growing as an Independent Thinker

On Friday, I told you about my interview on Sage Grayson coaching, but I saved another bit of news for today: I also guest posted on Sweet and Sage. Sweet and Sage is an online magazine for women in their twenties who crave advice that's both kind and smart. The topic for July is "Independent Thinking," and my article shares 3 Ways to Grow as an Independent Thinker.

I’m a by-the-book girl—I thrive on how-to guides, step-by-step plans, and other people’s approval. Independent thinking doesn’t come easily to me. But the times in my life where I’ve grown the most have been the times when I made decisions that didn’t make sense to the people around me.

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Interestingly, the story I share in the beginning of the article is also when I started this blog! Another benefit of independent thinking that I continue to receive. 

Do you consider yourself an independent thinker? Read the article, and let me know what you think in the comments over there!

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