CREATE: Embroidery 101 on Liz Makes

When I blog about embroidery, I often hear: “That looks amazing, but I don’t know how to embroider!” Let me tell you a secret: embroidery looks much more complicated than it actually is. Seriously! With just a couple stitches under your belt, you can create endless combinations and possibilities.

So yesterday, I guest posted on Liz Makes with some of my favorite tutorials for mastering a few common stitches, like the back stitch, French knot, satin stitch, feather stitch, and blanket stitch. Those are the only stitches you'd need to know to make any of the patterns in my Just Beachy collection, and some patterns, like "Oh Snappy Day," only use two of those stitches - the back stitch and French knot. 

Be sure to check it out if you've ever wanted to pick up this quick and rewarding hobby! And also, stay tuned for another pattern giveaway next Monday!
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