LIFE: June Bucket List

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Even though it's been over a hundred degrees off and on for the last month, something about it being June makes me feel like it's actually summer. And what a summer it will be! It's going to be CRAZY.
  1. I'm taking an online fabric design class starting this Friday! I'm super stoked for it, especially since there's a contest at the end with some great prizes!
  2. I'm challenging myself to make art every day, at least for this week, and maybe the whole month. I'll post pictures on Instagram, so you'll be able to check up on me and see what I'm working on. The watercolor table cloth above is one of the projects I'd like to try!
  3. The 9th is Youth Sunday at our church, which is when the youth group, directed by Brian and me, runs the service. The teens will do everything, taking offering, leading songs, special music, etc. It's normally in the fall, but for some reason it was bumped up to June this year. We've been practicing for it, but it's difficult with family vacations and people traveling on the weekends.
  4. The day after that, Vacation Bible School begins! We're also heavily involved in VBS, so we're trying to prepare for that at the same time. 
  5. Later this summer, we're taking the youth group to California for a few days. We're in the midst of planning that now, and wow, it's a lot of work planning a trip for that many people!
  6. I'd like to start a new embroidery project this month. It's been too long!
  7. The 19th is our third anniversary! We're hoping to take the weekend off to celebrate and recoup from all the church activities and have a mini vacation.
  8. It's a scary goal, but I'd like to start selling my cards wholesale locally. 
  9. I'd like to read a good book. I haven't decided between fiction or non-fiction yet, but I'd like it to be something refreshing, creatively or spiritually. Maybe this e-book?
  10. I might refresh the blog design a little. Maybe. I have some ideas, so we'll see if I have the time!
What are your goals and dreams for June?

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