DIY: Aztec Painted Blanket

Several months ago, I received some free fabric and lace from Wholeport. The lace I was able to use almost right away on this DIY Lacy Dolman, but the fabric stumped me. While I do love stripes, I'm not really into pink, and this fabric was too thick for pillowcases or clothing. It sat at the bottom of my fabric drawer, until last week.

A Proper Pinwheel shared the watercolor table cloth I mentioned before, made using watered down acrylic paints. At first I thought I could do something similar, but then 100 Layer Cake blog posted this geometric table runner DIY made by stamping fabric paint, and I recalled the fun of stamping on fabric. This image of an Aztec pattern inspired me to turn the fabric into an Aztec patterned picnic blanket:

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

You will need:

First, make your stamps by cutting out a triangle and a circle from the foam. Glue several layers of foam together so that your stamp will be easier to hold. Lay out your fabric on a surface that you don't care about getting paint on, or place some newspaper or carboard underneath, because the paint will soak through (And it's hard to wash off of cement. I speak from experience!).

Pour paint into a plastic lid, and dip the stamp into it. Then, press it firmly onto your fabric, creating rows of shapes.

I made up the pattern as I went along. Mix up the colors, and add in some diagonal and vertical lines. You could even get fancier and stamp circles on top of the triangles. You can make your pattern as elaborate as you have time and paint!

It makes a great picnic blanket, but it also works for an outdoor rug.

And a table runner. 

Is this a summer project you might try?

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