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Ever since I first monetized my blog, I've given some of the proceeds to a cause. Since I write about making a difference, it follows that I use my blog income accordingly. Tracking income and finding causes to give to has become even easier since I started using Passionfruit Ads and Pure Charity.

Passionfruit Ads provides a simple, pretty, framework for purchasing sidebar ads. I discovered Pure Charity last winter, and I linked my cards to it to fund projects with my Christmas shopping. Last month, I realized how I could use it on Scribbles From Emily to fund projects through my sidebar ads.

You could probably find a bigger blog with advertising for the same price. But Scribbles From Emily is my corner of the internet from which I seek to change the world, one person at a time. One way I accomplish this is by donating 20% of my profits from advertising rates and affiliates to charitable organizations, using Pure Charity. That equals $4 from each Premium spot, $2 from each Popular spot, and $1 from each Pretty spot.

Currently, I'm funding Worthwhile Wear. 
Worthwhile Wear needs your help in the setting up of this new vocational and employment sewing center. This project is focused on reaching the women and girls exploited by sex trafficking and forced prostitution, and providing them with a way out. This is Phase 1 of the project, which is the renovation and setup of the space where the women will work and re-establish their self-worth.

Find out more about Worthwhile Wear on their website and on Pure Charity.

Other Ways to Sponsor:

Giveaways are an effective way to expand your brand awareness and grow your blog followers, social media profiles, or email lists. If you believe your product is a good fit for my blog audience, you may have a giveaway without buying sidebar ads. Your giveaway will get its own blog post, mentions in each successive blog post until the giveaway ends, daily tweets, and frequent facebook posts.

If you’d like to see your product featured in a post, send it to me to review! This option is open to all: you do not need to buy sidebar ads to qualify. I just ask that you allow me to pick out the item to review; that way I can pick what fits best with my tastes and appeals to my audience.

I reserve the right to refuse a sponsor ad, giveaway, or promotion that I deem inappropriate. 

Visit the Sponsor page for more information, and contact me with any questions!

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