DIY: Book Page Headboard

Our bedroom has been one of the most neglected spaces in our apartment since we moved in last September. Since not as many people see it as the main areas, I haven't put much effort into decorating it. But, I really want a romantic, peaceful room, so I've been taking baby steps to get there.You might remember from my easy embroidered pillowcase tutorial, this is how our bedroom looked: 

Although part of me loved the simplicity and spacious feeling of white walls and the white bedspread, another part of me really wanted a headboard on that big blank space.

I've had many ideas for headboards, but not the funds to make them happen. So, inspired by this book headboard and this book page wall, I put my own spin on it with a book page headboard. 

This project is pretty self-explanatory, but you'll need:

I didn't want to stick the pages directly to the wall, for fear of leaving sticky tape residue. I cut a length of kraft paper and spread it out on the floor. Using the craft knife, I cut out pages from the books I used for my book cover clutch. Waste not!

I chose to stagger the pages, but you could arrange them straight across, or totally random. Adhere the pages to the kraft paper using the double-sided tape. 

Once your kraft paper is covered, it's time to attach it to the wall! I used flat topped push pins, pinning the center first, and then the corners. To hide the pins, I peeled the pages back, pinned through the craft paper, and then replaced the page on top of the pin.

I've added some additional tape since I first put it on the wall to keep the pages from rustling too much when the ceiling fan is on, but here's how it looks now:

As much as I liked the white bedspread, it is so dusty here in Arizona, and since it was dry clean only, it just wasn't practical for us. So we replaced it with this quilt from Target, which is machine washable!

 It's nice to cross that off my list for now! I'm slowly making progress redecorating the rest of the bedroom, simplifying, rearranging, and de-cluttering. I'll show you more of my progress in another post, but for now, I'm quite happy with how this side of the room looks!

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Is there a room in your house that gets neglected? Which room is it? I hope you'll be inspired this week to take a baby step in the direction you want it!

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