Last Wednesday night, Brian and I took a whirlwind trip to Iowa, getting back to Phoenix Sunday night. Each day was jam packed, which is why I wasn't able to reply to many of your comments on last Monday's post in a timely fashion. I want you to know, though, how much your words meant to me. I want you to know it, even though I can't even put it into words. Except to say, thank you. Your generous kindness, support, and belief in me is truly incredible, and I am beyond blessed that you even care to read this blog, much less care about me. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I'm checking out the resources you suggested, and looking for volunteer opportunities that fit with my passions. And in the mean time, I'll finish my last week of work strong. It's going to be a hectic one, so if I'm quiet on the blog for a bit, you'll know why.

But, even if this week the blog is quieter than usual, I can't wait for the posts I'll be writing in the next few weeks! My trip to Iowa was inspiring on many fronts. For one, I finally found the perfect idea for a headboard! I also scored at the thrift stores, and found new inspiration for the Shoppe.

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There's much I could say about my trip over the weekend, so I'll say it with a few pictures.

Misery, thy name is red-eye flight. Well, a red-eye flight with a toddler screaming for at least an hour, anyway. This was greatly needed:

This was about the only snow left, but the whole time we were there, it was SO COLD!

The reason for our trip was my parents' 50th Birthday Party. My older sister did an incredible job pulling it all together!

The time was too short, but we so enjoyed catching up with family and friends while we could. 

Beautiful, beautiful Iowa. 

Oh, the farm humor at the Des Moines airport.

Bacon. Enough said!

It's bittersweet coming home this time. It feels like both leaving home and coming home at the same time.

Do you live near where you grew up, or like me, do you visit?

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