LIFE: Now Is The Start

Today is my first day of unemployment (or re-unemployment, since I was unemployed after graduating too). So, I tried to take a serious contemplative picture. But that didn't last long. 

hoodie:c/o Evy's Tree, bracelet: c/o Uganda Community Project, tank: Target, shorts: Old Navy
First, I'm thrilled to be wearing an Evy's Tree hoodie! I discovered Evy's Tree soon after I began blogging, and Amy's adventures making embellished hoodies have inspired me for years. I especially appreciate her honest and real approach to sharing what goes on behind the scenes of having your own business along with a family and a ministry. Reading her posts about doubts and fears gave me courage to write about my own. 

Evy's Tree sent me the Simple Hoodie in Black, and I've been wearing it almost non-stop. Luckily we had some cool weather last week! There's something distinctly special about an Evy's Tree hoodie. It's supremely soft and cozy, and the ruffle details make it dressy enough for church (where I wore it with a dress yesterday) and casual enough for every day. But also, that ruffle makes me feel put together and stylish even when I'm just wearing it with a tank and shorts. 

Secondly, I'm upbeat because of my bright yellow bracelet! I rarely win giveaways, so I was ecstatic to win this handmade bracelet from the Uganda Community Project, an organization that works with schools and churches to create community centers that provide education, vocational training, and technology to empower Ugandans to rise above poverty. 

Thirdly, I didn't realize how miserable I was at that job until now, when it's finally sinking in that I never have to go back!

So here's my plan going forward: I'll split my time between Scribbles, which includes blogging and my Etsy shop, and volunteering at church, which includes youth group, design projects, and possibly secretarial work. Once I complete the church projects, I may look for other volunteer opportunities. I know of a few that I'd love to get involved with, but there's plenty to keep my busy with the church right now. 

I'm so excited to be able to spend time planning youth group events again, which I haven't been able to do since the Christmas party. And I'll have time to paint! And craft! And write!

I'll drink to that!

And another reason to celebrate - Evy's Tree is giving all of my readers 15% off! Use the code: SCRIBBLESFROMEMILY to take 15% off of your new favorite hoodie. Be sure to check out the Diana wraps and children's hoodies too.

I have a playlist of happy music that get's me pumped up and motivated, and this song by A Fine Frenzy been one of my favorites lately.

So I'll close with that. Now is the start!

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