5 Things From This Week

1. I have had a wonderful week of writing, planning, and painting. You might have seen this picture on Instagram with the caption: Painting is going well, now I just need to learn the alphabet. 

Yep. That happened.

Just for fun, I painted my lovely fake flowers from Target. I don't like how it turned out; my white paint isn't very white. Live and learn.

I did learn in my last drawing class that white is relative, so if I make the rest of the painting darker, the white in the peony will look whiter. So, I think it can be saved.

When I showed it to Brian and explained that I thought the flower looked too greenish, he said, "Well, someone else might like it! Sell in it your Etsy shop for a million dollars!" Thanks for the vote of confidence, babe.

2. I'm making a collage! The only other collages I've made were in high school for a sewing class, and I forgot how fun it is! I'm going to put it where I'll see it when I wake up, so that it will inspire me to get out of bed and tackle the day's adventures.

3. I'm loving reading Travel + Leisure Magazine. LOVING IT. The far off places, the breathtaking photos, and most of all, the writing. Oh the adjectives! I tried to read a particularly brilliant description of some desserts in Amsterdam to Brian last night, but found that my delivery of the Dutch language ruined the effect. "Stedelijk" sounds much better in my head.

4. Speaking of travel, I'm going on an adventure of my own this weekend! I'm spending Friday through Tuesday visiting my little sister in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I've never been there before, but some of my favorite bloggers live there, so I'm super excited to be inspired by the culture, beaches, forests, seafood, and hipsters. Speaking of hipsters, I'll get to finally meet her boyfriend!

5. While I'm traveling, I have some special treats lined up for you. Friday, tomorrow, I'm guest posting on one of my favorite blogs, Mercy Ink. In turn, Lauren of Mercy Ink will be posting here on Monday! It's going to be awesome. And, there may be some giveaways in the future (wink).

That's it, five things from this week. Tell me about your adventures this week in the comments!

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