Fair Trade Fashion: Changing the World

The issues surrounding human trafficking and ethical fashion can be overwhelming at times. It's so important to remember the "why," that where you shop really does make a difference.

Today I'm excited to share my story about how I discovered fair trade fashion, and four tips for shopping ethically at A New Kind Of Normal! Check out the full post.

Also, Jamee had a blog series about endometriosis this past month. If you or someone you know deals with endo, you'll definitely want to read it! You can find all the posts here.

In other news, the first edition of Scribbles Newsletter was supposed to launch today, but I think I'll wait until the end of the week to give you a few more days to subscribe. Remember, if you subscribe via that little box on the sidebar, you'll get a code for 15% off your first purchase right away, and then in this edition of the newsletter, you'll also get a free printable birthday card. What are you waiting for?! Subscribe!

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