Four Frugal Home DIY Decor Projects

Happy Monday! Let's start the week off with a frugal home decor post by guest blogger, Mark Russell.

In these tough economic times, everyone is looking for new ways to save a few bucks here and there. A lot of people have started cooking their own meals every night instead of going out to dinner. Other people have sworn off movie theaters in favor of renting DVDs at home. Still others have stopped buying themselves new clothes or home décor, relying on what they already own to get them through. But just because you are trying to save money, does not mean you cannot have fun with your home décor and update it for the New Year. 2013 is a great time to do some great DIY projects in your home that are easy on your budget but make a big impact in your home. Are you tired of the way your bedroom looks? Think your living room could use a face lift? Don’t worry, there are plenty of home décor projects for the frugally minded. Below are four DIY home décor projects that you can use to get started.

HOME DÉCOR DIY PROJECT #1 – Paint the walls.

Wall castle
By Jolante on Flikr
Want to totally change a room without having to do the work or pay the money to really totally change it? The easiest, cheapest, but yes, time consuming; way to really make the room look different is to paint the walls. This can be done on the cheap, but you have to be ready to put the time and physical energy into the project. First go down to the hardware store and pick some swatches you like. Bring them home and look at them in the designated room at different times of day to make sure you always like your chosen color, no matter the lighting. Once you’ve made your choice, go buy the buckets, the brushes, the drop cloth, and the tape. Move all the furniture either out of the room or into the center, cover it all up, cover the floors, tape the edges of the walls, and start painting. It can take time, but it makes a huge difference!

HOME DÉCOR DIY PROJECT #2 – Turn old sheets into a quilt.

Emmett's Quilt
By Quiltsalad on Flikr
If you have a bunch of old linens that you don’t use anymore but can’t bring yourself to throw away, consider turning them into a quilt. All you need are some scissors and some basic sewing skills. You can pick and choose the parts of the sheets showing the least amount of wear and tear and you can also add other fabric sources like old t-shirts, old aprons, or even pieces of your old couch. It’s up to you!

HOME DÉCOR DIY PROJECT #3 – Paint a mirror.

[ B ] Louise Bourgeois -  Mirror Cell (12 Oval Mirrors) (1988)
By Cea on Flikr

Whether you already own a mirror, or you need to pick up a cheap one for $20 or less at a nearby home goods store, painting it can take it from boring and non-noticeable to beautiful and interesting. And the best part is that you really don’t need to be very artistic. Simply paint a pattern around the edges in your favorite colors, or choose one corner to paint something pretty like a flower or a tree.

HOME DÉCOR DIY PROJECT #4 – Reupholster your chairs.

Small Slipcovered Sofa with Outdoor Fabric
By Posh Living, LLC. 
Putting new upholstery on furniture is surprisingly inexpensive and easy. All you need is the new fabric (which can be repurposed old fabric, too!) and a staple gun. Simply pull the new fabric over the old fabric and staple it on! Yes, it’s that easy. Just try to hide the staples so that they are not visible when looking at the newly upholstered chairs. 

About the author: Mark Russell is an author for Apartment Guys of Chicago. Mark enjoys writing about apartment living and home décor. Mark spends his free time playing baseball and going on walks with his girlfriend.

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