Fresh-Brewed Life: A Book Review

Stop waiting for your life to begin.
"Say this out loud (if you're alone in the room): 'The quality of my life is determined by one thing: my attitude toward it.' Now, say it again.
Our quality of life is not determined by our circumstances, but we can let it be. It isn't determined by our health, but we can believe it to be. It isn't determined by our bank accounts, but we can choose it to be. No, the one thing that truly determines the quality of the life we have is the attitude we bring to it." Nicole Johnson, Fresh-Brewed Life.

I first read Fresh-Brewed Life when Booksneeze sent it to me a year ago. It challenged me in some areas and greatly influenced my entire year. As I flipped through the pages, refreshing my memory, underlines, circles, stars, and brackets jumped out at me. I don't often write in my books, but this was one of those books. 

Fresh-brewed life is about waking up to the life God has called and equipped you for, a life of purpose and passion. Jesus said he would give us life, abundant life. According to the back cover, "in a robust blend of relationship, ritual, and hope, we are summoned on a journey of discovery that awakens us to God, to ourselves, and to others. And - like a lingering over a cup of coffee - this is a process to be savored." 

With prose rich in coffee metaphors, Nicole writes about surrendering to God, journaling, listening to your longings, embracing your beauty, interviewing your anger, savoring your sexuality, celebrating your friendships, changing your world, enriching your relationships, and enjoying your freedom. 

I enjoyed the sprinkling of inspiring quotes throughout, as well as the journaling prompts and "fresh-brewed adventure" challenges to apply the chapter. 

This book was a great starting place. The chapters aren't long, but they are thought provoking and inspire further study. I do wish that Nicole would have backed up her insights with more scripture, instead of so much of her personal experience and the experiences of others. Also, because of the chapter on embracing your sexuality (which is a really good chapter and well written), I recommend this book for married women.

I'd give this book a four out of five. If this book piques your interest, you can find it at your local book store, or on Amazon*: Fresh-Brewed Life Revised & Updated: A Stirring Invitation to Wake Up Your Soul

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What have you read lately? Any recommendations?

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