Beauty Find Friday: 12 Favorite Photos of 2012

As I wrote Goodbye 2012, I scrolled through all of the pictures I uploaded to this blog over the last year. So many represented significant moments from last year, I decided to take a trip down memory lane with 12 of my favorite pictures. 

1. My epic Goodwill haul last January. $42 for an estimated value of $385!

2-3. Mexico! I took so many pictures of our missions trip in March, but these are two of my favorites.

One of the teens gives a girl a high five while playing jump rope.

Colors and patterns galore at the market.

 4. I graduated in May!
This is the closest I am to not squinting in all of the pictures.

 5. These are some of my doodles for the sharpie mugs I made in July. I just love how pretty they look in this photo.

6. Rachel's wedding! I don't know what was so funny to me in this picture, but it cracks me up.

Photo by Simpson Studios Photography LLC
7. When I took my clothing challenge, I shot this picture of my only pair of shoes for the month, my TOMs. They remind me of the challenge every time I put them on. 

7. We went to Epcot! It completely blew my mind. 

8. Anita's wedding! I got to sing, and design the invites and programs. It was a great day!

I couldn't find her photographer's name, but just know that this picture was not taken by me.

9. I hand embroidered this, and I love it.

10. I made a blizzard of blessings, one for each day of December. 

11. I made a sweater pillow
12. Our Christmas card, designed by moi.

Your turn! Where are you finding beauty in the past year?