A Year of Celebration

"Everyday you're alive is a special occasion." I entered 2012 with a renewed desire to celebrate the beauty in everyday.

It was a struggle sometimes, but looking back now, I can tell that I've begun to learn to slow down and celebrate small and large successes, milestones, and events. In 2012,

This year has seen changes here on the blog also. The posts you've enjoyed the most are as follows:
Quite the variety of topics there!

I started two new features this year, Waxing Poetic Wednesday, and just recently, Beauty Find Friday.

My photography has greatly improved!

I ran a month long series about materialism and ethical fashion,  Fashion for Freedom.

I started the year with 3,474 pageviews. Last month, I had 27,900 views. I noticed when I updated my November pageviews on my sponsorship page, my views had DOUBLED from October! Thank you SO MUCH for being here! Your presence and your comments are so, so, encouraging to me. You inspire me and challenge me to create my best and be my best. Thank you!

Goodbye 2012!

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