Last Minute Christmas Cards Tutorial

This year, I'm finally sending Christmas cards! Christmas postcards, to be exact. 

Besides being quick, photo postcards also have the advantage of being easier on the Christmas budget. Photos don't cost much to print, and postcard stamps are cheaper than regular stamps. If you haven't had time to send Christmas cards yet this year, try this method using regular old photos to send a picture to the grandparents, or send New Years cards!

You'll need:

1. Order Prints. Upload a photo of your Christmas tree, Christmas cookies, or a recent family picture, and order a handful of 4x6 photos from your favorite printer. Mine cost me $7.50 for 50, including shipping to my door.

 2. Using the ruler, draw a line down the middle of the back of the photo. Then, draw four lines for the recipient's address on the right side, like so:

3. Write a message on the left side, and fill in the recipient's address on the right.

4. Slap on a stamp in the upper right corner, and drop in the mail. You're done! Christmas cards accomplished!

P.S. I discovered a slightly easier way of doing this. Upload your photo to Amazing Mail, and pick a post card size, enter your message and the address, pay, and they'll actually print and mail the postcard for you within two days. It's not as cheap as printing the photos yourself, but it might be worth it for the time saved!

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