Beauty Find Friday: Christmas Details

For some time, I've wanted to host a recurring feature that had something to do with the blog tagline, finding beauty in the everyday. So today's post is the first of possibly many Beauty Find Fridays. Hey, we can call it BFF for short!

My pictures depict everyday things quickly snapped on my ipod. Here's why they're beautiful to me: 

A couple weeks ago, I came home from work with a terrible headache, dreading the pile of dirty dishes I left in the sink and the general disarray all over the house, and coming up with something for dinner. Instead, I came home to a clean house with clean dishes, groceries had been bought, and a dinner plan, which was then executed by my hard-working and thoughtful husband. 

In addition to all that, he decided to try decorating for Christmas, and had hung a string of white lights from lamp to lamp, over the mirror, as shown. My first reaction was to laugh, but seeing Brian's hurt face, after all he'd done for me that day, I told him it looked great, and I decided not to take it down. To me, it symbolizes that Christmas, and marriage, is never perfect, but it's pretty amazing anyway.  

Brown paper packages tied up with string! I used some of the ideas from this post.

A couple of my favorite ornaments: a camel carved from bone, given to Brian by his uncle when he was stationed in Egypt, and a tiny wagon with little fuzzy bears inside. 

This free printable, and another cool camel ornament.

Our blizzard of blessings, which include our jobs, marriage, ministry, an evening at home, mentors and friends, and families who also celebrate Christmas. 

Now it's your turn! Where do you find beauty in your week? Share your beautiful moments with us in the comments!

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