This Month on the Blog: A Hearty Dose of DIY

With the temps plummeting to 50 degrees at night, it finally feels like fall! Nevermind that it's in the mid 80's in the day time. I can turn up the air conditioner, drink hot chocolate, and wear boots. 

Have you made a fall bucket list? I've seen several great lists around the blogosphere, and felt inspired to make one for myself. You know how much I love lists!

Don't you love my illustrations? :)

Since making the list, I have indeed made pumpkin bread. I'm hoping to cross off the art museum tomorrow, since there's an art festival and car show in our neighborhood. I'm considering that close enough, and really, it's even better since there's something for both Brian and me! 

So, remember my summer craft list? Of the ten projects, I did variations of four of them. Instead of the fabric stamped dress, I did a fabric painted pillowcase, which I have yet to blog about. Instead of making my own chalkboard paint, I used store-bought paint on the wedding photo booth. I definitely did the sharpie mugs. And, I actually repainted a desk and several chairs (which is way more work than it appears!). 

But there's many, many more crafts I'd like to do this fall, so I'm switching out a few on my list. If all goes according to plan, this month on the blog you'll get a hearty dose of DIY. 

A couch slipcover.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

An embroidery project or two.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Perhaps an embelished lampshade, along these lines.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Some sort of DIY pillows, because we desperately need some for our couch. 

A curtain DIY, maybe something like this: 
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

And a bunch of knock-off crafts that I'm super excited for. They'll make great Christmas presents! Also, once I get some of those DIY's done, I'll be ready for a house tour of our new apartment! 

So, have you made a fall bucket list? What fall family traditions do you observe? Share them with us in the comments!

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