Inspiration: Christmas Tunes

Do you remember mixed tapes? I don't really. I received a mixed tape once, but I remember making mixed CDs. The idea of mixed tapes seems very nostalgic and a little magical to me. Magical, because I don't know how you would even go about making a mixed tape. With a CD, you just drag and drop the songs on your computer and burn the disk. How do you get music onto the little black film that runs through a cassette?! It must be magic. 

Anyway, I was thinking about this today, because it's interesting how music sharing through the ages has gotten easier. From the magic of mixed tapes, we progressed to the simple drag, drop, and burn of CDs. But now, only people born before 1990 still use CDs. The young folks don't bother with burning an actual disc, they just share their mix digitally. Spotify is the new mixed tape. 

So, let's talk about Christmas music. Once Thanksgiving dinner was over, Brian whipped out the Christmas CDs, and I made a Christmas music playlist on Spotify. 

I plan to add to it gradually, but so far, here's what it includes: 

It's a good two hour mix of quiet and peppy, folksy and current. Check it out and see what you think!

I listened to it Monday night while I decorated our apartment and set  up our Christmas tree. 

Last year, I couldn't find any ornament hooks, so I used twist ties! This year we splurged and bought some real hooks. 

It's a terrible blurry picture, but this is our Christmas tree corner. Instead of one normal sized tree, we have two tiny, apartment sized trees. Together, they make up one normal sized tree....kind of. We're seriously running out of room for ornaments. 

I'll share better pictures later, but my question today is, what music do you recommend I add to my playlist? What's your favorite Christmas music? If you have a Spotify playlist, share a link in the comments, or tweet it to me! 

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