Current Projects

My slipcovered couch tutorial will have to wait for later this week, but in the meantime, here's some other projects I've been working on: 

It's not perfect, but I'm supremely happy with how this turned out! It sits on my desk now, but eventually I'm going to hang it on the wall above my desk.

Here's the couch, halfway done:

I finished it this afternoon, and I can't wait to show you!

Wedding invites! I would like to sell customizable wedding invites on Etsy. Here's a little preview of some of the designs I'd offer. 

Also, last weekend I went to a fabric and sewing store outlet. It was insane and overwhelming, but I made out like a bandit! I should have all the fabric I need for my upcoming pillow projects, more embroidery, and Christmas gifts.

And, I also made out like a bandit at my new favorite thrift store: Savers. Here's a practical way I'm continuing my commitment to ethical fashion: I needed some red shirts and tan pants for my new seasonal job at Target. My first instict - go to Walmart and buy some $5 red tees and $10 pants. But instead, I went to Savers and Goodwill, and scored a pair of brand new, with tags, Banana Republic pants, a pair of Gap pants, a Ralph Lauren red sweater, and two red tees for under $30. That also included a DVD rack and a beautiful plaid shirt I wore in our Christmas pictures. I wanted more than two tees, and I couldn't find any more that I liked at the thrift stores. I wouldn't have time to order them from an ethical company online, and it would be difficult to find a plain red tee. So, instead of buying the Walmart brand tees that have a Free2Work grade of F-, I bought some at Old Navy, which has a Free2Work grade of B.

Now comes the hard part; since I've added these items to my closet, I also have to get rid of some. I switched the plaid shirt for one I barely ever wear. The work clothes, however, I'm considering keeping until this job ends, and then selling them all on eBay, or donating them back.

Well, I'm off to eat a quick dinner and head to Target for my first day of work!

I'd love to know, what projects are you working on?

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