An Early Christmas Present

The big news first: I got a new sewing machine! 

I'm sad to say goodbye to my old Baby Lock machine, I'll miss it's rattling and rumbling and sounding like it's about to explode....a little bit. But, it decided it was done sewing forever last week, when Brian tried to use it. Every once in a while Brian gets the urge to sew. In the past, he made a cushioned armrest for the Durango. This time, he wanted to make something for the car. He planned to replace the leather around the emergency brake and shifter with custom black and red leather. 

When he went to sew the pieces together, the machine wouldn't go. In true engineer fashion, he proceeded to troubleshoot it, including taking it completely apart, for the next two days. Finally, he gave up. Luckily for us, that day happened to be Black Friday. So, we bought the Singer Promise 1409 for $60. 

Although it's probably the most basic machine Singer sells, it had no problem sewing through leather. 

Didn't he do a great job? I'm so proud!

In other news, how was your Thanksgiving? We kind of had an early Thanksgiving, because my sister, brother-in-law, and niece came to visit us the week before!

I didn't have to work, and Brian's boss let him take off half the day! We had a relaxing morning, and then went to our favorite restaurant, Joe's Farm Grill.

We also took them to our friend's farm, where my niece got to pet the goats, lead a miniature pony on a leash, and gather eggs. We had a great time with them, but I wish they could have stayed longer! 

Ok. I need your input. Remember my fall bucket list? Well, I need help coming up with a winter bucket list. Because Brian and I are not flying home this year, we need to keep occupied so that we don't get homesick. Also, we need a bucket list because this is how we've been spending the rare free nights when I don't work and we don't have a church activity:

That was last night, at 7 pm. He slept until 11 pm, and then woke up just long enough to move to the bed. 

It's finally nice and cool outside, and I want to take advantage of this weather while we can. Surely there are fun wintery activities we could do to start our own family traditions. I need your ideas! 

What are your family traditions? What could Brian and I do to keep busy and have fun while we're away from family this year, besides going to bed at 7 pm? PLEASE share some ideas in the comments!

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