Style Made With Love, and Fighting Trafficking with Lipsticks

Joe and Jessica just wanted to raise funds for their adoption by selling locally made fair trade jewelry, but God had so much more in mind. Today, NoonDay Collections helps numbers of other families afford adoptions, and provides families around the world with a good job and fair wage. Nicole left her dream job as a beauty editor in New York City to spend a year in Thailand, where amongst trafficked women and those trapped in commercial prostitution, she felt like she belonged. After returning to the states, she founded Radiant Cosmetics to fight trafficking one lipstick at a time.

You might have noticed their buttons along the sidebar, but in case you haven't visited yet, here's why I love Noonday and Radiant:

Noonday Collection

"At Noonday Collection, we believe every child belongs in a family. While the owner is no longer raising money for their Rwandan adoption (though they think more adoptions will come), the vision remains the same. We advocate for the orphan by:

Some of my favorite items (although it's really hard to choose just a few!) include:

Patchwork Clutches

The Dainty Everyday Neclace

And of course, my bracelet! 

Check out all of their products at representative Whitney's page here. And stay tuned for a fabulous giveaway from NoonDay later here on the blog!

Radiant Cosmetics

Nicole says about Radiant Cosmetics: 
The cosmetics industry generates $170 billion annually. Women dominate this industry and of the over 2 million human beings trafficked each year, 80% are women and girls. My dream is to awaken a generation of women to not sit back and allow this injustice to happen to our fellow sisters. My dream is to set the captives free, one lipstick at a time.
20% of each purchase goes to Redeemed Ministries, a faith based anti-trafficking organization.

Nicole sent me this lovely shade of moisturizing lipstick:

I'm pretty conservative with my lipstick, so the Peony shade appealed to me. It's almost the natural color of my lips, but with an extra touch of pink. 

I LOVE it. I've been wearing it everywhere. To see in in action, I'm wearing it in almost all of the pictures in last Wednesday's post introducing what I'm wearing this month.

I'm also planning to try these products:

Perfect Finish Concealer

Mineral Loose Foundation Powder

And Keratin Mascara

In closing, I hope this week has encouraged you to take action. Caring for the orphans and widows comes down to making a choice. Sometimes that choice is as simple as switching to fair trade coffee or Radiant lipstick. Sometimes it's harder, like spending less on myself so I can give more to others. 

Have you taken any action this week? If not, look back over this week's posts. You can: 
1. Look inside your closet, finding out where your clothes are made. 
2. Discover your slavery footprint.
3. Choose fair trade items when shopping.
4. Download the Free2Work app to find the most ethical companies by industry. 
5. Shop with companies who put your money to good use. 

If you've completed some of the actions above, let us know about it in the comments!

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