Packing Light

There's a perk to only wearing ten items of clothing: packing is super easy.

This weekend I'm heading up to a cabin by the lake for my church's annual ladies' retreat. I'm excited to  relax, take deep breaths of clean mountain air, make new friends, and just be still for a few days.

In years past, I made sure to pack my cutest clothes, accessories, and shoes for every conceivable occasion. I brought a bulging suitcase to a weekend in a mountain cabin. Looking at my puny bag for this year, I have to wonder, who did I think I needed to impress?


When I began wrestling with the idea of this challenge, the first thought that came to me was, "What will people think?" I worried that people would write me off as weird, radical, over-reacting, or self-righteous.

I thought about just not telling anybody I knew in real life what I was doing and just keeping it as a blog thing, but that seemed to defeat the purpose of raising awareness of human trafficking and mobilizing people to fight it.

A week before this series started, I had a moment of panic and thought about emailing all of my sponsors back, saying, "I can't do this! People might think I'm weird!" I realized how ridiculous it sounded. But honestly, I'm still a little worried about what people will think of me when I show up to church wearing the same dress I wore the week before.

My need to impress runs deep. Packing for this weekend at the ladies retreat feels like ripping off a bandaid.

There's going to be ladies there that I don't know, and others that I don't know well. I won't be able to rely on an array of adorable outfits to make a good impression. Stripped of the option of people like me because of my cute clothes, I'm going to just have to be myself.

Honestly, that's scary for me. I didn't realize until this moment just how scary that is.

Technically with a 31 Day series, I'm supposed to blog every day, but I'm choosing to not post on Saturday and Sunday, to allow for some quiet and rest. So, that means I'll let you know how it goes next Monday.

Pray for me?

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