How Many Slaves Work for You?

We've talked about modern slavery and how to fight it, what ethical fashion means, and I showed you the ten things I'm wearing this month. Now, let's get personal.

According to Stop Traffick Fashion's informative page on human trafficking, one of the main differences between past slavery and modern slavery is the price:  
In the past the cost of slaves was high, the return on investment was good, and there was motivation to keep and preserve slaves. Today the cost of slaves is low, the return on investment extremely high, and there is little motivation to keep and preserve slaves. Slaves become disposable.
I saw the picture above on Facebook, and felt compelled to find out about Made in a Free World and the Slavery Footprint. 

I took the quiz. Even after all the articles I've read, a lot of the information was new to me and really opened my eyes. Plus, it makes the slavery issue very personal. 

Are you brave enough to take it too?

Find out your slavery footprint.

I'll admit that mine was higher than I thought it would be, and in the results, the main culprit was my clothes. What about you? 

This week we're going to start digging into the practical ways we can restore dignity and respect to the men, women, and children who are oppressed and exploited for profit. See you tomorrow!

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