25 Unique Ways to Wear a Scarf

Ever have trouble figuring out how to wear a scarf? I know I've shared another of my favorite "how to tie your scarf" videos, but this one from the FashionABLE stylists features some ways I've never seen before!

What's a FashionABLE scarf? "Their stories are not uncommon, but their courage is."

I have the Bezuayhu scarf. This is her story:
“I am now 19 years old. My parents had passed away and I used to live with my aunts and grandparents. They always wanted me to work and not to go to school. So, I came to the city, and there I came to this life of prostitution. Now, it feels so good to get up in the morning and say I am going to work. It feels so good to have a scarf named after me. I’m so proud to be called a scarf maker.”

I truly love this scarf. I wore it at the ladies' retreat last weekend, and was surprised by how light and yet warm it is! Some of my other favorites include:

Abeba in Marigold

Etanesh in Cerulian Blue

I also found out last weekend that these scarves are very popular with kittens!

Oscar is more concerned about how it tastes than what it looks like...

Right after Brian took this picture, he took this video. Can you tell which of us hates cats? 

Anyway, check out the entire fall collection of scarves and the stories behind each of the scarf makers. 

And, stay tuned for a chance to WIN your own FashionABLE scarf later this month! 

Read the whole series here.

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