Looking Ahead to October

Whew! I'm trying to catch my breath after our trip to Florida for my SIL's wedding, followed by a day at Epcot and a day at the beach, then home to pack like crazy so that we can move TOMORROW.

One of many pictures from Epcot
On top of that, some great things are coming soon on the blog in October! Like I mentioned, this October I'm doing another fashion series, but this time with a twist. I'm going to wear only ten items of clothes for the whole month, 31 days. The purpose is twofold:

  1. To fast from my materialistic tendencies and get to the root of why I buy, and change my focus from outward to inward, confidence and satisfaction from God and not stuff. 
  2. To raise awareness for human trafficking and ethical fashion, focusing on simple changes anyone can make to fight slavery, today.

I'll be introducing you to several wonderful companies that are actively changing the world through the clothes they sell, AND there will be giveaways! Woot!

I'll tell you lots more about it later, but I'm very excited about the way God's directed this series so far and is bringing it together. I think great things will happen!