Moving: Hate it or Love it?

Newsflash: I really, really hate moving. In the last four years, I've moved four times: into the dorms, into an apartment, across the country to our first apartment in Arizona, then to a rental house, and now, back to an apartment at the end of September, an apartment that we haven't found yet.

Whenever we look at an apartment and my first thought is "No way," Brian loves it. And whenever I think, "This is the one!" Brian hates it. There's been one exception, a beautiful apartment that was designed to be a condo, right across the street from Brian's job. We've looked at 8-12 apartments in person already, and we have a list of five or six more for this weekend, but this one apartment stands far above the rest in beauty, square footage, location, and value. Unfortunately, they don't have any openings for the end of September...yet. We found out yesterday that they have four renters who's terms are up, but they fully expect them to renew their leases.

You know it's bad when you've already started arranging your furniture and decorating the apartment inside your head. Sigh.
My mom helping decorate our old apartment. See the finished room here.

So to keep me from succumbing to discouragement, I'm trying to dwell on the positives of moving, and not the negatives.

Here's the cons that fill me with the most dread:

1. Trying to find an apartment in the city we want, at a price we can afford. Since the last time we lived in an apartment, the prices have skyrocketed. We rented a large two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a fireplace for the same price that tiny one bedrooms are going for now. Yikes.

2. Packing. I hate trying to keep it all organized and cushioned, and I'm just not good at fitting things into boxes. I've never been good at puzzles!

3. Saying good-bye to Kopek. Yesterday, Kopek started his usual whining dance for attention while I was at my desk, so I set down what I was doing and sat on the floor. He curled up on my lap with a look of profound happiness. His owners are going to come get him while Brian and I are in Florida for his sister's wedding in a couple weeks. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. "You're going to love California," I told him. I pictured him riding in the moving van, head out the window.  Then running along the beach, playing frisbee and jumping in the waves. My tears dripped down onto his black velvet ears while he went to sleep on my lap.

That's by far the biggest con for me.

On the pro side:

1. Less to clean! We'll be going from a three bedroom, two bathroom house to a one bedroom, one bathroom house. I'm SO excited to only have one bathroom to clean!!!

2. The opportunity to purge. Call me crazy (Brian does) but I love to get rid of stuff. We were looking through a cupboard yesterday, and found some things that I we moved to this house over a year ago, and never touched once since unpacking. And some stuff we haven't used since we got married over two years ago. Now's the time to mercilessly cut out the unnecessary clutter and "stuff."
We had to purge Brian's tee-shirts before we moved last time.  

3. White walls. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE this house. It's beautiful. It's just not us...we wouldn't pick the elegant, rich, dark color scheme in the main rooms. That's why the rooms we did paint are yellow and sky blue. I'm usually not a fan of plain white walls, but I'm looking forward to living in light and bright rooms!

4. A new place to decorate. I do love decorating, and while we have been able to add our own style to this house, because the landlords left all their furniture, curtains, and wall decor, just like with the colors, it's not really us. So I'm excited to hone my personal style some more and bring life to a new place.

5. Saving money. We'd like to buy a house someday, and that's a big part of the reason we're moving. God knew exactly when Brian was going to get laid off, and he prompted us to save up for a house downpayment so that we had enough to live off of for several months while Brian looked for work. Because He's in control, we know that He will provide us with an apartment that will enable us to save money again.

How do you feel about moving? Hate it, or love it? 

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