Five Fall Fashion Trends, Yay or Nay?

I picked up a couple magazines in the airport for some light reading, and caught up on the fall fashion forecast while I was traveling back and forth to Iowa. Here's some of the "in" looks we can expect to be seeing as September approaches, along with my rating (and yes, I'm aware that it should be "yea" and nay; the pun is intentional!).

Yay: Reverse French Manicure

Photos take by me of InStyle Magazine August 2012

I don't know why this has never occurred to anyone before! Basically, switch out the colors of a typical French manicure with a dark base color and a metallic tip color. Another variation I've seen online is to paint a light colored half-moon shape at the base of the nail, instead of the tip.

I vote "yay" on this trend, because it's a great way to incorporate another trend for fall: metallics, in an easy, fun way.

Nay: Wine-stained Lips

Photo taken by me of InStyle Mag, August 2012
Ok, folks. Apparently, fashion bloggers everywhere think this is AMAZING, but it's one trend I'm definitely going to pass on. The "wine-stained lip" look is achieved by putting on a rich, dark lipstick and then blotting it off in the middle, achieving that oh so classy, I-just-ate-and-need-to-reapply-lipstick look. Except you don't reapply lipstick.

The good thing about it is, that if your lipstick does wear off after dinner, you don't have to bother reapplying because you're right on trend! Last week I actually saw ladies at my farmer's market sporting this look, whether intentionally or not, I'm not sure.

Another positive for this look: it's perfect if you want to be a vampire for halloween.

Yay: Colbalt

Photo taken by me of RealSimple September 2012
I love any hue of blue, so I'm happy to see that cobalt is an "in" color this fall. Jewel tones are not only flattering colors for pale skinned people like me, but they're also elegant and warm, perfect for fall.

Yay/Nay: Burgundy and Oxblood

Photo:, who got it from

I learned a new color term to add to my vocabulary, just like last year I added "camel." This year's term to know is "oxblood," formerly known as burgundy. 

I haven't made my mind up about this color yet. The last time I remember wearing this color was when I had a burgundy velvet jacket and culottes, somewhere between the ages of five and seven. I'm going to wait until it's in stores and try it on, before I make a verdict. 

Yay: Equestrian

Photo taken by me of RealSimple
Equestrian is right up my alley: riding boots, plaid, structured, classic lines...what's not to love?! RealSimple says that designers are inspired by the English Countryside, perhaps a natural result of the attention all things British are garnering because of the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics. For more British inspiration, visit my British wonderfullness in pictures post.

I can't wait to dust off my English riding boots I bought last winter at Target, and my burgundy leather cross-body bag from PB&J Boutique. I'm always a fan of mixing up what you already have to make trends affordable. If you'd like more ideas for affordable fall style, most of my tips from that post are still completely applicable.

What's your vote on these trends? Yay or nay?

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